Post your before and after pictures here.
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This is my nephew, who just turned fifty-three years old two weeks ago. The photo is from 1957. I have no idea how it got in such bad shape before I got it.

I replaced the background, cloned out the blue paint spatters, and most of the other yellow stains. Was able to lighten his face with the dodge tool. It's still not perfect by any means, but is is at least tolerable now. :D


img344 Medium Web view.jpg
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img344 copy Medium Web view.jpg
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Wow, alpha, that is quite a difference.
Thanks Suzi for looking, and for commenting.

I'm fairly satisfied with it. I'm keeping all the original scans, and burning them and my restoration attempts to CDs. Then I mail copies to other family members. That way if someone wants to do another version, or have one professionally done, the file will be available.

That is a good idea. I have a huge box of pictures from the good film days that I would love to have converted to digital. But it is so expensive to have it done.
I bought an Epson scanner and have been scanning away. I've probably done 500, and have that many more to go. I'm only having prints made for my aunt who is nearing 80, and has no computer or computer skills, and one cousin who also has no computer.

Even for those two I'm only selecting a few at a time to have printed. Everyone else gets a CD and can look at them on the computer, or have their own prints made if they want prints. Except for the one aunt, I am the oldest living descendant of my maternal grandparents.

My goal is for my three children, and all my younger siblings and cousins, to have CDs of all the family photos I can access. Otherwise in most families only one person winds up with most of the family photos, and others have few or none.

Looks great Alpha, i to am also restoring a lot of photos my sis sent me. I am going to do the same as you and keep original and restored and put them on a disc for family. For mom though i am making her a dvd she can watch. Maybei will send a computer disc and a dvd to all if i am done by Christmas.
Alpha you did a great job on the santa picture, I use the clone tool alot.
Thanks Judy for the comment.

I have one son who doesn't have a computer, and their DVD player won't play the DVD I made from their wedding photos. They may get a more capable DVD player for Christmas, along with a DVD of the family photos.

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