Post your before and after pictures here.
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Liked the rustic style of this old hut shot but not the background. So made some changes.



How did I do? Any thoughts or comments welcome.

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Very good, Dennis :thumbsup:
The hut is very nicely integrated in the background; most of the time it is the other way round!
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You did spectacularily as usual. :toast:
I love it!
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Your work always shines Dennis! This is great! Do share some of your steps to get that wonderful color?
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Oh Dennis that is awesome!
You did a great job, Dennis. Beautiful sky! :thumbsup:

Very Nice !!!!

Was this done in Photoshop Cs2 or Elements ?

Also did you use a program called "Topaz"?

George :thanks:
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Thanks everyone for all the nice comments.
I will try to give a run down of my workflow for this image.
I used PSE 6 for all of my PP.
I first of all used one of my photos for the background sky (you may have seen it before).


The hardest part was seperating the hut from the old background. Once I did this and merged with new sky the following steps were done:

1. Some basic levels and hue/sat adjustments.
2. Adjust Colour Curves > Midtone Contrast and played around with sliders.
I then used one of my favourite methods to add some "pop" to landscapes.
3. Duplicate Layer, change blending mode to Multiply then adjust opacity to 70-80%.
4. Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur at 8.0 pixels.
5. Select New Layer then Stamp Visible (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E) then change blend mode to Screen and leave opacity at 100%.
6. Flatten then Duplicate Layer then run a High Pass Sharpening at 3.0 pixels and change blending mode to Soft Light.
7. Flatten then used the ReDynaMix Plug-In tone mapping tool to bring out some textures of old building. I use the sliders very conservatively as it is easy to overdo it and make the image look unatural.
8. Then I used the free plug-in Nik Color Efex Skylight Filter at about 10% for some warmth.
9. Flatten then some minor sharpening.

I probably overdid the saturation (but I like my images with rich colours) but I was trying to match the warmth of sky with the old hut.

Hope the above makes sense.

Olympus E-300, Zuiko 40-150mm,Zuiko 11-22mm
PSE 4 & ACR 4.1
You are my kind of guy, Dennis,
I too sometimes get carried away with saturation :biggrin:

I don't think you went too far at all. That is a dramatic sky; it's supposed to be like that.


PS - what's a "busman"?
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