Post your before and after pictures here.
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I posted this in my Gallery a couple of days ago, and habe had number of very nice comments - thank you all. I have been having a bit of a dry spell lately and haven't been shooting until last week.

Thought I would post here the Before (exported out of Lightroom with no tweaks), Between (modified with basic ACR processing) and After (wizzed up in Photoshop - happens to be CS3, but same stuff in elements.


Before.jpg (114.19 KiB) Viewed 667 times


Between.jpg (188.44 KiB) Viewed 668 times


Had some wild chromatic aberration issues, especially after adjusting, etc. Cropped to get rid of the lightpost for the gallery.

After.jpg (228.49 KiB) Viewed 668 times
Very cool! Great job on that one - The difference is astonishing! :thumbsup:
Michelle K.
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PSE 5-6, CS3
Sony DSC H1, Canon Powershot A590 IS
Seeing the stages is so fantastic. Amazing what one can do these days! Good thing i dont have to be a good photographer to have fun. (and boo hoo my camera is b-roke. wah. :crying: I was surprised to see so much more in the third picture. Looks great.
Great job, John. It is really nice to see the whole process like that
John, I never would have guessed all that detail was hidden in that photo. Your final result is very cool, but I also like the dark original. I like silhouettes.

Judy - what do you mean, your camera is broken? As in, your ONE camera? Who can have only one camera? :? It's like potato chips - once you have your first, you can't stop! An excellent excuse to go buy a new one; they're so affordable now.

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