Post your before and after pictures here.
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Berry-Frost-edit-1.jpg (28 KiB) Viewed 750 times

Berry-Frost.jpg (25.53 KiB) Viewed 750 times

Ok which one do you like best. I made a few adjustmets with color and blend mode.
Tina B
Beautiful shot Tina. I like the first image best - the berries and branch have more contrast. To me they look a bit too light in the 2nd picture.
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I like the darkened background in the first shot, but on my monitor it's lost too much detail in the branch and berries. They are too dark in the first one. The berries are a bit too light in the second one, so a middle ground would be best. Neat frost!

We had some great frost today but, by the time I finished with assigned chores the sun had burned it off. Dang.

That's a nice shot, Tina. I like how your edit added necessary background contrast.

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To my eye the brighter photo looks best.
The frost we had today, in our area, was BEAUTIFUL. Good job capturing it, Tina.
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I like both pictures, but would like to see the red pump up just a bit?
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