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I thinking of entering a few photos in a Florida State Parks contest. This is one I'm considering, but think it may look better cropped, which I tried........but not sure if it's the best crop.

Thoughts on this requested....please.
Ravine Gardens 1 web.jpg
Ravine Gardens 1 web.jpg (190.01 KiB) Viewed 638 times

Ravine Gardens 2 web.jpg
Ravine Gardens 2 web.jpg (218 KiB) Viewed 638 times
I like the crop or maybe just clone out the red flowers and go with the original.
Tina B
I think the prospective of the top pic ,showing more of the first large post ,leads the eye a lot more down into the pic hun. For me,in the second pic there is a lot of sky with nothing going on.
Hope yu dont mind hun had a play ,what about this ?
tennes-pic.jpg (101.36 KiB) Viewed 629 times
Thanks....can't do any cloning, photos can only have crop, light/color adjustments...perhaps sharpening. Anything else gets disqualified.

I do think I can crop so the 1st post is all in the picture without the flowers, or mostly. Cutting out some of the sky looks good too.
I think it's important to keep the columns "anchored". Each one that's in the image should, IMHO, have at least a bit of green grass showing below its bottom. Otherwise, it's the same as pictures of people with their feet cut off.

I think your instincts were right in taking a bit off the bottom rather than the top. I like the tree in the upper left corner, it has an attractive crown.

Just my 2¢

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my 2cents i like the original.

I think I like your original the best. However, I did try a crop to get rid of the car. I used a 4x6 size crop; I'm not sure if that matters in the contest. If you can do a freeform crop, then I'd get rid of the car but leave more of the sky and foreground.



Thanks everyone. :thanks: My main objective was to get rid of the car. Rusty's point about 'anchoring' the post (got the same advice on a photography forum) really made me look clearly at the picture. Min is right about the sky, but I like the line of trees so will have to keep it for this shot. Courtney, your crop is almost exactly what I came up with except I kept more on top. As far as I know the only size restriction is at least 1000 px.
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