Post your before and after pictures here.
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I was playing at making textures, overlay etc. Photo is stock from morguefile.
Judy, very clever. It always amazes me how much you all know and how little I know. Well, the part about you all is true, the part about me doesn't amaze me.
Glad you like it Russ. It always amazes me to see the variety. Various talent that others apply just seems to just flow from them, and i struggle. The hardest thing for me is to see awesome black and whites and wish mine were that sharp. I always enjoy your photos they are always so well done.
ladybug wrote: I always enjoy your photos they are always so well done.

Thank you Judy for those wonderful words. I try to only show my best pictures; however, there are times when something below average is the only thing that works for certain posts.
Excellent work, Judy. I love seeing the talent that so many people have with textures. I have a collection of textures but I'm not usually happy with my efforts using them. I also like the font you used on this.

Thanks Anita. I have found that textures do not work the same on all photos. It can look great on one a lousy on another.
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