Post your before and after pictures here.
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I liked the subject but not the messy background, so I decided to cut her out and do a page.



You did a fabulous job. What program did you use for the cutting out
I was practicing with the pen tool, Suzi. Definitely not the easiest tool to use, at least for me.

I never have got the hang of that thing!!
Outstanding Anita.

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It's very pretty. I really like the white square with drop shadow ontop of the white background.

I need to hook my tablet up again when I'm bored. I love the layout Anita it's just beautiful!
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Anita you did an awesome job. I think it is perfect.
ladybug wrote: Anita you did an awesome job. I think it is perfect.

I agree with Judy and all the others.
I concur with the others. Outstanding, Anita. :thumbsup:
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