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The Anchorage bowl area is home to approximately 1,000 moose in the wintertime (compared to 250 during summer). On this January morning, I spotted this easy-going gal munching on the apple tree in our back yard. She wasn't actually *in* the yard, but was reaching over the fence. After about 15 minutes, she stepped over to a comfy looking spot in the snow and settled down for nearly 12 hours. I was able to get as close to 15 or 20 feet away and snap to my heart's content :D
2848 - SoC.jpg
January Moose ~ SoC
2848 - SoC.jpg (55.58 KiB) Viewed 2399 times
January Moose - Texture 1 - 4 web.jpg
January Moose ~ Textured 1
January Moose - Texture 1 - 4 web.jpg (212.84 KiB) Viewed 2399 times


What a neat thing to be able to watch! I only see a moose in the wild once every couple years. And it isn't in my back yard! How's your poor apple tree, well pruned? I like how you processed the image.


You have really posted some nice images here. The moose is great (I would sacrifice some of my apple tree branches to see one that close) and I really, really like the horse and colt. The bike trail, IMHO, is better in the monochromatic textured version.

Now, you need to set up a gallery :toast:

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I really like your last results. It turned out great. What a thrill it must have been.
I really like your moose pics, especially the last one :thumbsup:
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