Post your before and after pictures here.
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This is my first serious attempt at restoring a photo. Restore 1 is before and restore 2 is after. Your comments would be appreciated.


Weez: I think you did an excellent job. To me it looks like a professional did the work.

What do I know, maybe you are a pro?
Nope, I'm not a pro. Don't even really like doing restoration work, but told sister-in-law I would attempt it for her.
Very well done.
It's too bad our 'smilies' don't include a gold star.

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What a great job. She will be so happy.
Hi Weez,

I think you did a really good job. :thumbsup: Is the wall in the background plastered or stucco, or are those creases and tears in the photo itself?

Those were actually creases, cracks, tears, and folded back top layers of the original. It had been in a glass covered frame and got wet. They dried the outside of the frame, but never lifted the photo out and took care of it. So, when they did try to take it out, the top layer of the paper peeled in places, the cracks were huge, and there were many stains that had turned yellow. It was a true mess. The wall behind her was some kind of backdrop, I believe. It was just easier to maintain the colors and put a texture on it than to try to restore all of it back to the original.

Wow, your sister-in-law is lucky you were able to rescue the photo. It sure got trashed. Looking at it again I finally realized what the odd things are sticking out of the side of the chair - the legs, it is placed on its side. Now I see. Again, well done.

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