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Here we are right in the middle of the holiday season. Hopefully, some will find time to participate during this very busy month.

1. subject /(s) from an previous list
2. arrangement
3. anything 'gold' (real or faux)
4. anything with 'h'
5. weather
6. traffic (foot, vehicle, etc)
7. choice
8. second version of any of this month's subjects

fwiw --I'm celebrating with a new P.C. & O.S. My old XP machine suffered major disk damage. The backup wasn't able to restore things 100%. (Thank goodness, I had a recent backup of all my docs & photos on a different ehd). The new Dell came with Win 8. It was upgraded to 8.1 which has some good features, but the U.I. isn't as nice (friendly) as XP or Win 7. I hope to complete the installation & set up of PS as soon as time permits.

Wishing you all a month of beauty.

--- Will someone please volunteer to take over the monthly photos thread for the year of 2014. ---
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Betty good luck with the new PC. The list is a good one i am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
Courtney had a blizzard in Calgary three or four days ago; we usually see her weather here in Wisconsin four days later. We are holding our breath. Yesterday here the temps and the dew point were both 45° and you know what that does to the weather...
Weather - Fog.jpg
Weather - Fog.jpg (128.85 KiB) Viewed 2195 times

Today it's around 20° and sunny.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry

If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough. - Robert Capa
Betty, thanks for December's subjects. Did you get a blizzard recently - thought I saw on the news that Dallas got one a few days ago. Am anxious to get started on the photos but it's cold here, too...

That shot's a keeper, Rusty - beautiful!!

Rusty that is a beautiful photo. I think Courtney sent that mess my way i am digging out from the snow we got.

Thank you for the subjects. I am hiding behind my computer as you look for volunteers to take this over.

Rusty, I love that photo! :thumbsup:

We had a week of occasional snow and constant bitter cold. Today more snow, but it feels almost balmy at 23°F! The roads have been such a mess, with closures and accidents all over the place. Sorry for sending it onward, but I'm blaming the Arctic, not Alberta, for starting it.

Going to get as many as possible for this month. But Jan. will likely not be possible for me...having my other knee replaced on the 7th and it's not comfortable being on the pc much the first few weeks following that.

So starting with 'H' for in Texas longhorn.
Texas longhorn
Great image and treatment, Tennie! Hope you heal real fast in January!

Whoa Tennie fantastic photo.
Thanks, Mary and Judy!

'Traffic' Walk, run & cycle...this path is well used.


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