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4 Legs: On the way home we stopped at a roping competition in Wickenburg, AZ.
four legs.jpg
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Previous List - Animal: Saw this beautiful creature tied up to a horse trailer waiting his turn.
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Interesting View: The east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Bishop - taken from a speeding car!
interesting view.jpg
interesting view.jpg (204.93 KiB) Viewed 2467 times

That's it for March. Hope to see many photos here by the 31st! :)

I think, for me, 4 legs is the easiest of this month's subjects. This cute little red squirrel was noisily snacking on the end of a feather. Surprising, isn't it?

Mary, nice action shot of the calf roping, or steer roping, whatever it was.



This is from a previous month's list - pattern. I think my shot is a two-fer of patterns. One is the tiny little tracks left in the snow by a mouse or vole or other itty bitty rodent. The other pattern is the neat shadows cast by the scrubby grasses.



Thanks, Courtney.
That's a nice portrait of the squirrel with the catch light is his eye. Also, those are lovely, long shadows of the grasses on the snow.

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