Learn about video editing and enhancement with Adobe Premiere Elements.
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February 19th marks the 1 year anniversary at muvipix.com :)

To celebrate we have a huge amount of new stuff, lots of free items, and contests coming along.
You can win a lifetime subscription and lots more, stop by and check it out later this month.

February Preview
Music, Video, Pictures http://muvipix.com We help you put it all together :)
Chuck is this site just geared for elements premiere????
For the most part it is Suzi. That is what I get out of it and I love premier!!!! Have you tried it?
Jen Clark
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Currently working with CS5/LR3/Aperture 2
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No, Jen, I use memories on TV instead..was kind of hoping it covered more than just premier.
Hi Suzi,
We have users from all over the world that use various programs. For slideshows most of them use Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements or Proshow Gold. Some have used other programs like PhotoStory and Memories on TV, if you have a question go ahead and ask it on the forum. Chances are somebody there will be able to help you. There is a forum just for slideshow questions, what software you are using isn't important.

On another note, if you have Premiere Elements and/or Photoshop Elements you can do some really great slideshows. Just check out the videos from the 2007 video contest in the muvipix gallery as an example.
You can also check out the Showcase forum and see some other great stuff as well.

All in all, most users say that if all you are going to do is picture slideshows then you are better off with a product like Proshow Gold, and we have a forum for that too :) We promote and work with whatever works for people. Most of our users are experienced Premiere and Photoshop Elements users, but they also have come to realize that there are other programs that do some things a little better. We love to hear about what works, even if it isn't one of the Adobe Elements products ;)
Music, Video, Pictures http://muvipix.com We help you put it all together :)
Hey, this are all very nice, actually incredible posts... I use Ulead express for editing, it's wonderful too, just like Photoshop.
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