Learn about video editing and enhancement with Adobe Premiere Elements.
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If all you are doing is slideshows there is no better program than ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer. If you want to step up and do something more than slideshows, Premiere Elements is a much better choice. For many people the ease of ProShow Gold is perfect, but someday most people will want to do more ;)

Here is a great example of what I am talking about
Music, Video, Pictures http://muvipix.com We help you put it all together :)

I have both Premier and PSG. Found PSG much more intuitive. Tried the link and file was not found. What kinds of things can Premier do that PSG cannot? Can I create an output in PSG and input it into Premier for some of those "other" features?


Sorry, you have to register at muvipix before you can view the gallery items, I forgot :oops:

Here is a topic discussing the two programs, you don't have to register to read the forum posts ;)

Yes you can use the two together, exporting from ProShow and finish up in Premiere Elements or the other way around. Many Premiere Elements users do own and use both programs. The list of what you can do in Premiere Elements that you can't do in ProShow is pretty long, starting with Premiere Elements having over 99 tracks and 100s of effects that can be modified by the user to create 1000s.

Here are some other videos that you don't have to register to see, very good stuff;
Music, Video, Pictures http://muvipix.com We help you put it all together :)
I downloaded the trial version today, because I was so frustrated trying to make a slide show DVD out of some photos and could only make a VCD that half the people I gave it to could not watch! I tried pro show gold and I could only find to burn to CD not DVD. Am I not looking in the right place? I want to be able to make DVD's and have a DVD burner on my computer but have been unable to make a slide show and burn it to one.
Thanks for any input!
According to the manual, you can make dvd's. Here is a link to the pfd of the manual.

I love proshow. I use PRODUCER and have never had any problems. It is an incredible program with so many ways to control the photos and what is happening on the show at any time. I love using it for my kids sports seasons. Anyone thinking....is this good....should I try it.... the answer is YES.... I loved it before I loved PSE
Angela, she is having problems finding out how to burn a DVD, can you help her with that??
I have been using Proshow Gold fot about 18 months and found it to be easy to learn and fast to produce a slide show that I could playback on my DVD player and HD TV.

3.x versions and up are what I have experience with and they do produce output to DVD for both 4:3 and 16:9 format screens. I looked at the manual that Suzi posted and it says you can and the website says that the trial download is fully functional, so I cant see why you would be having a problem.

One thing that I have found is that the more expensive DVD players will support both +R and -R format DVD's. I had a really cheap one given to me when I purchased a new cellphone and it would only work with -R format DVDs.
If I am reading her request right, she can't find the command to make a dvd or dropdown menu. Whatever there is in that program to change from burning a cd to a dvd. Am I making any sense.
Perfect sense!

Here is the screen shot from 3.2

psg.jpg (135.49 KiB) Viewed 1984 times

You click on Create Output, then select DVD (top left). The PDF seems to look the same, bit is pretty low resolution so I can't be sure.
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